“Champagne Langlet, an alliance of tradition and modernity, offers an ideal pleasure to champagne connoisseurs…””

About usChampagne Langlet is definitely modern and the label’s story began with the encounter of :

Vincent Métivier

a wine-grower who built a wine press amidst the chalky vineyards between Château Thierry and Epernay to produce Langlet champagne. A man who learned from his elders the precise methods for each step of producing wine. He was also able to evolve the technique by using “the right touch” to safeguard the champagne’s solid organoleptic qualities while damaging neither earth, plants or fruit. The final product is carefully thought out, harmoniously structured and originally defined.

Luc Chaudron

a wine-grower whose vineyard on Reims Mountain consists mostly of grand cry and premier cru plots. A merchant with a large production capacity was needed to give “substance” to the adventure and support it with a rapid, powerful, ultra-modern, flexible, precise assembly line. Speed, form and automation are key allies though flexibility is also needed to create the unique labels of certain Langlet vintages. Thus some bottles, engraved with clients’ names or decorated by famous artists in limited series, are treated with the same precision that makes the unique Langlet vintages such exceptional products.

Fréderic Papelard

a true aesthete and plenipotentiary envoy, so intrinsic for the Champagne Langlet alliance. As the brand’s ambassador, this amicable, generous, “people person” promotes Langlet champagnes among a market of connoisseurs and obtains the necessary feedback to formulate an ideal product. This truly makes the drinker of Langlet champagne a happy customer.

The donkey, symbol of champagne Langlet

while accompanying the monk Saint Martin through the hills and vales of the Touraine region, the donkey was at the origin of a fortuitous event...

Since it was tiring to walk through vineyards covered with intertwining creepers and tiny, acidic grapes, the companions stopped for a break. At the foot of Marmoutier Abbey, their destination, the monk took a nap while the donkey, left to his own devices, feasted on the surrounding vineyards and bit down the leafy plants to the stem...

He sheepishly returned to the abbey where the monks, who toiled in the vineyards, were clearly not thrilled by his silly exploit. What would become of their wine?

But at harvest time… surprise! Plump, savory grape clusters hung from the truncated vines. The wine was so good that the donkey’s “pruning” technique was adopted by the growers. The donkey was baptized Martin, as were all those who succeeded him...

Since then, Martin, still passionate about healthy vineyards and absolved of his potentially disastrous adventure, has graced the Champagne Langlet bottles. These savory, natural wines with their aroma of terroir are ideal for celebrating happy, often serendipitous events.

The spirit

The three men behind Champagne Langlet are each wine-growers and vineyard owners in their own right. In a subtle, consensual way that opens their domaine to friends, artists and poets, they have created a champagne that will leave memorable festivities in its wake … A product which can satisfy anyone willing to indulge in it and unravel its complex identity. This triple association is not the only unique quality of Champagne Langlet. “It is important to be resolutely modern”(1), thus Champagne Langlet intends to be mobile, evolutive, progressive and to permanently inscribe itself in the era’s trends. Friends play an essential role in the range’s evolution. The enormous kitchen in the middle of the wine storehouse in Gland, shows this desire to share a taste for the festivities so clearly concentrated in these bottles.

Our champagnes

There’s no doubt about it, this champagne is definitely custom-made !
To offer an identical taste each year would be to lie about the unpredictability of climate, weather or even human nature. Thus Champagne Langlet has freed itself from this too-ancient tradition to produce the best that the present and future can offer.
At Maison Langlet, we are committed.

Brut Grande Réserve

Rosé Grande Réserve

100% Pinot Meunier

Brut Grand Cru

Brut Millésime 2007

Extra Brut Blanc de Blancs

Premier Cru - Extra Night

"Search for tradition - and you will find it in the thousand-year old skills and methods for making champagne. Search for distinction - and you will find it in an unparalleled aromatic identity. Search for modernity - and you will find it in flavors that evolve over the years. Search for originality - and discover our bottles decorated by famous artists that validate a beverage that we, at Langlet, view as a fine art. Search for friendship and a festive spirit … and come visit us !"

We are just 1 hour away from Paris, come and see us, you are most welcome!

Vincent, Luc & Frédéric

Champagne Langlet
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